Enfield Group Therapy – Peer Support Process Group

Group Therapy has an important role to play in change, whether it is alongside one to one therapy or on its own.

I am pleased to announce that a new group will be starting in Enfield Town in January 2024, on a Wednesday evening between 7 pm and 8:30 pm.

Do you have behaviours that are starting to concern you?

Are you repeating unhealthy patterns and want to start thinking about how you might change?

In a safe environment, we can help you to think about what is happening and how to create change.

A new closed group of upto 10 participants with two facilitators. To provide safety and a feeling of security in which to share and grow, will be starting on the 10th of January 2024. We will meet during term time usually consisting of 5 to 6 week blocks. Participants will need to commit to the set period of weeks. At the end of the set period of weeks, participants can leave and/or new members join. The fee will be £30 a session paid via Paypal.

It will be a therapeutic Peer Support Process Group, with a focus on exploring behavioural patterns in relation to food, drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling, gym, body image, vaping, relationships, etc.

Please contact us and you will be invited to an individual session to explore whether this group is suitable for you.

email: nicolawainer@gmail.com

Unfortunately, at the moment the venue does not have wheelchair access.