Counselling offers a way to discover more about ourselves and to make changes through talking and reflection.

Initial Consultation

We will have an initial consultation of between 50 minutes to an hour, where we will discuss your reasons for seeking counselling and explore whether what I offer is appropriate for you and whether we feel we can work together. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. These meetings are confidential. I will listen without passing judgement and attempt to understand what is being said. Sometimes just by being truly heard and understood we can feel some sense of healing.

Psychodynamic counselling is open ended, meaning we will continue to meet until it is decided that counselling is no longer required. The ending of therapy is very important and requires several sessions to round off the work.

You will find more information about psychodynamic counselling on the website of the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC).

Short Term Work of 10 or 20 sessions can be arranged if there is a specific piece of work to be looked at. This can be discussed in your first session.

Times, frequency and duration

I offer regular 50 minute sessions at the same time each week. From Monday to Friday, throughout the day, with some early morning and evening sessions.

I see people once or twice a week, depending upon the nature of the work. The frequency and duration of our work together is always open to negotiation. Sometimes it is not clear at the beginning how frequently we should meet or for how long. This is something that we can explore together.


All sessions: £75 (50 minutes). I have a sliding scale of cost and reserve some low-fee sessions for individuals with a limited income. In common with most therapists, I charge for missed sessions or for cancelled sessions that cannot be rearranged.